All Stars Montessori would like to introduce … Ms. Alicia H.

Written by All Stars Montessori

On March 14, 2019

All Stars Montessori would like to introduce Ms. Alicia H., one of our toddler & preschool teachers. Ms. Alicia H. started in the infant room in December 2017. Recently she has moved into being a teacher in the Arts & Crafts and Special Activities room where she has an opportunity to spend time with both the toddlers and the preschoolers. If you have a child at All Stars Montessori, chances are pretty good they’ve gotten to have fun with Ms. Alicia H.

Ms. Alicia lives with her fiancé and her four-year-old son. She loves being able to spend time with her family on the weekends. If they’re not busy catching up on things around the house, they are out enjoying family activities like going on rides at the Mall of America or going sledding at local parks.

Ms. Alicia’s favorite place to vacation is New York City. She appreciates the diversity of the city and how every time you go there you can see something new. She loves being able to visit all the historic places and to experience a little taste of the hectic life of a “New Yorker”!

When we asked Ms. Alicia who the person she admired the most was, she had a tough time narrowing it down. She surrounds herself with people that inspire her. Her family, her friends and her fiancé all display traits that she admires such as being loving and willing to put others first. She admires her parent’s strength and compassion. She admires her grandparent’s loyalty to each other and to their family. And each of her four sisters have amazing qualities that she loves and admires.

What you may not know about Ms. Alicia is that she loves photography! She’s always had a passion for design, but photography is a relatively new passion. She loves being able to capture the lives and special events of others!

Ms. Alicia H. is loving, loyal and hardworking. She strives to be helpful to others and does her best to listen. She hopes that her coworkers and the children she cares for know that she is someone they can come to if they need something or just want to talk. It is her goal to keep learning new things while also remembering to slow down and enjoy things both at work and at home.

Ms. Alicia loves to watch the children grow and learn new things. She enjoys being able to develop relationships with the children, their parents and her coworkers. She also just loves having fun with the children!

If your child attends All Stars Montessori and you have not yet met Ms. Alicia H., be sure to stop by her classroom and introduce yourself!

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