All Stars Montessori would like to introduce … Ms. Hannah

Written by All Stars Montessori

On February 25, 2019

Some All Stars Montessori families may remember Ms. Hannah from years ago when she was in high school and worked in the afternoons as a Teacher’s Aide. After going on to do some nannying and tutoring after high school, Ms. Hannah returned to All Stars in January 2018. She is now an Assistant Teacher in the Preschool and School Aged programs.

Ms. Hannah lives with her fiancé, her two-year old son and their “no named” fish. Her Saturdays are filled with laundry, Netflix and zoo trips with her son. And Sundays are “family day” because it is the only day of the week she and her fiancé are both off of work.

Ms. Hannah’s favorite vacation spot is St. John in the Caribbean. She loves the people, the food and how crystal clear the water is. A trip to Greece is also on her bucket list because of how beautiful it is. She would love to see the hillside houses in person!

When we asked Ms. Hannah who she admires, she gave a shout-out to single parents! She knows how challenging raising kids can be and even though she is not a single parent, she still feels crazy sometimes and wonders if she’s doing everting right. She admires single parents a lot because somehow, they manage to keep everything together.

Ms. Hannah loves sushi and Asian food “way too much!” She also loves to cook. You could name any type of cuisine and she could whip something up for you. Vegan, vegetarian, Mexican, Asian, American, Indian… You name it, Ms. Hannah can cook it for you.

After high school, Ms. Hannah almost moved to Hawaii after a family vacation there. She applied for college and everything then at the last minute she decided to stay in Minnesota because she would miss the snowy Christmases. (Editor’s note: At the time of this blog post, we are buried in a record amount of snow and I personally wonder if Ms. Hannah is rethinking her decision.)

Ms. Hannah is sarcastic, loyal and caring. She is also very creative, and she loves coming up with art projects and activities for the preschoolers and school agers to do. Her goal for future is to finish school and to get her teaching certificate.

Ms. Hannah loves working with kids. She loves the bonds she forms with each of them and she enjoys helping them learn and grow each year!

If your child attends All Stars Montessori and you have not yet met Ms. Hannah, head on back to say “hello” next time you’re there.

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