About Us

All Stars History

“We are so proud to be a part of the Apple Valley community and we are excited for what the future will bring.”

All Stars Montessori was born out of a desire to provide a different child care choice for families in Apple Valley, Rosemount and the surrounding communities. Tracy Magnuson & Denise Muir, both raising families of their own, have always known how important it is for parents to have safe, loving child care.

They also know the importance of providing developmental and social learning opportunities to little minds that are eager to soak up the world around them. Both with a background in Montessori (they originally met as teachers at a Montessori school) – they have seen how the Montessori philosophy and its approach to educating young children really works.


The Vision

  • Tracy and Denise originally began considering opening a school of their own during the summer of 2002. Busy with the day-to-day activities of raising their families, they shared their visions and ideas and the seeds of All Stars were planted.

All Stars Childcare

  • In the summer of 2004, they decided to take the leap and “All Stars Childcare” was born in its first home – Denise’s basement in Rosemount. As they continued to see success in their in-home Montessori school, they began to consider opening a stand-alone center

All Stars Montessori

  • “All Stars Montessori” was officially incorporated and in January of 2007 the Johnny Cake Ridge Road location was selected. All existing families decided to make the jump with them. Their trust and faith in All Stars has always meant a lot to Tracy and Denise.

Growth & Expansion

  • Over the years All Stars Montessori has continued to grow. After an expansion of our space in 2009 and another in 2011, our school has grown from four classrooms to seven classrooms today

Our School Today

  • We now start each school year with a full enrollment of 125 children and a waiting list in each of our programs. Each year more than 25 children graduate from All Stars and enter Kindergarten with a love for learning and the confidence that comes from being prepared by the Montessori/Preschool balance that we provide

We are so proud of the school we have created.

We are blessed with an amazing group of teachers and support staff that believe in who we are and as a team provide the loving care, Montessori education and personal connections that set us apart. Tracy and Denise are still teaching at the school – and personal relationships are still a top priority. Each year we continue the traditions of Family Fun Night; our Annual Halloween Party and the end of the year Preschool Graduation/Family Picnic – events that have enabled our families to get to know one another and for friendships forged at All Stars Montessori to continue beyond our walls.