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Our Preschool Program

Preschoolers are entering a time when independence is flourishing and their curiosity about the world around them makes them eager to learn. The Montessori philosophy seeks to encourage a child’s desire to learn as well as to help them develop confidence in their own individual interests and abilities by preparing an environment full of opportunities for exploration.

Each of our preschool classrooms are “mixed ages” – with children from the age of three to five. As Montessori has shown, children benefit from this setting through the development of mentor/mentoree relationships. This process enables preschoolers to gain an understanding for community and relationships. 

During “work” time, your preschooler will have the opportunity to explore the materials based on their current interests and developmental levels. The Montessori materials are inter-connected, and through the process of mastering one material, the child will be preparing themselves for the next. The materials are designed in such a way that the pincer grasp and wrist movement required for writing is practiced throughout. And often while a child is working intently on a material in one area, an underlying focus is present that is teaching them a skill from another.

Preschool Classroom Stats:

Ages Limits

3y – K

Kids Per Room




Preschool Rooms 


Skill Building 

The Preschool Program will prepare your child with the skills that they will need going into kindergarten. We build on the skills learned in our toddler. Children will learn how to read and write, basics of mathematics and relationships between objects in their environment.

What is Montessori?

The Montessori philosophy is built upon the idea that children develop and think differently than adults, that they are not merely "adults in small bodies." Dr. Montessori advocated for children's rights and believed that children need guidance to develop themselves into successful adults.

Meet the Preschool Teachers

The goal of toddler teachers is to continue to provide a safe environment for each child to explore while offering opportunities for them to gain confidence in various self-help skills such as eating at a table, sleeping on a cot, playing and sharing with their peers, communicating their wants and needs, etc.  

Ms. Tracy

Co-owner, 2007

Ms. Kate

Joined us in 2015

Ms. Meagan

Joined us in 2013

Ms. Tayler

Joined us in 2019

A Space for Exploration

The Preschool classrooms are prepared with Montessori materials in the various area of study including: sensorial, practical life, mathematics, language arts, science and geography.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

To expand their learning environment and to continue to introduce them to the world around them – they will participate in various “field trips” throughout the year. Besides on site visits from the fireman, the dentist and other community professionals – the preschoolers will have the opportunity to go on field trips away from school. They will visit such places as the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch; experience live plays; go bowling; and more!

We offer Soccer Shots on-site!

Parents have the option of enrolling their children in Soccer Shots, a local program that is focused on providing age appropriate skill and character building through sport. Kids will participate in soccer shots on-site once per week, with a parent viewing session at the end of the season.

What You Need to Know

Daily Schedule

7:00: Breakfast & Free Play
8:00: Structured Free Play
9:00: Group Time / Snack
9:30: Works / Art / Music

11:00: Outside / Large Muscle
11:30: Lunch
12:30: Movie
1:00: Nap / Rest
3:00: Works / Art / Music / Outside
5:00: Books / Games

Skills We Develop

Letter Sounds / Reading

As part of the phonetic approach to learning to read, preschoolers will participate in activities around the Letter of the Week, the highlight of which is “Letter Bag Day” – when each child brings a bag of items from home that start with the letter.  Through these activities, children move from recognition of the letters, to understanding how to write the letters and the sound they make, and into beginning to read.  Allowing each child to move through this process at their own pace breeds success and builds confidence.


The Montessori materials are designed in such a way that the pincer grasp and wrist movement required for writing is practiced throughout. And often while a child is working intently on a material in one area, an underlying focus is present that is teaching them a skill from another.

Logic & Reasoning

In a Montessori classroom, children are encouraged to do things for themselves both in their exploration of the learning materials as well as in their care for themselves and their environment. This
makes children feel empowered and as a result, they develop independent thinking and confidence that will benefit them throughout their life.

Tuition Costs

Are you thinking that a private Montessori school with a good reputation must be expensive? We would love to have the opportunity to discuss with you the variety of tuition options that we have available.

You can figure out exactly what our tuition cost would be for your family using our calculator.

What Our Families are Saying

The teachers and staff at All Stars are truly amazing. They give individualized care to each of our children and meet them where they are at socially and academically. All the teachers know all the kids and it is a truly welcoming & supportive environment where my kids have been able to grow and thrive. 

I have been very happy and impressed with the services and flexibility at All Stars. The teachers create an in-home atmosphere to help kids adjust and feel comfortable in their environment. The staff also have many fun activities for kids and families.

We can’t count how many times we’ve said how thankful we are for the wonderful teachers at All Stars.  We see our daughter learning and growing while being nurtured.  She can sense (and so can we) how you all really care.  

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