Your children deserve amazing care.

You need a daycare where you are more than a number – where you are part of a family. Here at All Stars Montessori you and your children will feel right at home.

Infant Care

Specialized care from loving instructors to help your child progress and reach milestones.

Toddler Care

Helping your child gain independence through a range of Montessori activities to boost their confidence.


Preparing your child for the next step on their way to kindergarten with a curriculum that is tailored to them.

a toddler girl using a pink scrubber to wash a pear

About Us

All Stars Montessori has been building strong relationships between teachers, children, and families since 2007.  We are privately owned and operated, and both of the owners are teachers at the school — on-site every day.  Our “extra-curricular” family events foster the “family feeling” that flows through our school – and friendships are created that carry beyond our walls. We know that each child is an individual and that each family is, as well.  We strive to be flexible with each family’s varying needs – and we don’t see child care as “one size fits all”.  We are competitively priced and offer a variety of schedule options, and we would love the opportunity to discuss the needs of your family with you. 

We Prioritize


Giving children the opportunity to discover their world.


 Allowing a child the freedom to complete a task on their own.

Practical Life Skills

Setting children up for success by allowing space to learn.


Weekly classes from Jumping Jax by Jina and outdoor play as well.

Tuition Calculator

We know that one of the first questions you’ll have is “How much will it cost?”. We have a handy calculator to tell you just that, no strings attached!

What Our Families are Saying

The teachers and staff at All Stars are truly amazing. They give individualized care to each of our children and meet them where they are at socially and academically. All the teachers know all the kids and it is a truly welcoming & supportive environment where my kids have been able to grow and thrive. 

I have been very happy and impressed with the services and flexibility at All Stars. The teachers create an in-home atmosphere to help kids adjust and feel comfortable in their environment. The staff also have many fun activities for kids and families.

We can’t count how many times we’ve said how thankful we are for the wonderful teachers at All Stars.  We see our daughter learning and growing while being nurtured.  She can sense (and so can we) how you all really care.  

Our Daycare. Our Family. Our Community

Whether you’re looking for a preschool program that will prepare your 3 or 4 year old for Kindergarten — or searching for child care for your infant or toddler that incorporates the Montessori philosophy – All Stars Montessori in Apple Valley is the place for you!

a young boy stacking a tower using pink blocks

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