Practicing Resiliency While Our Kids are Watching

Written by bigoceancreative

On August 10, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s been how to pivot! We’ve gotten used to the fact that the unknown could be just around the corner. We’ve learned to roll with the punches when life throws the unexpected in our path. And hopefully, we’ve learned how to breathe and remember that this, too, shall pass. Resilience and adaptability are crucial skills in the new normal we find ourselves in.

As parents, how can we turn these challenging times into teachable moments? How can we set an example for our kids that will help them develop resiliency and adaptability so they can navigate the unexpected with success? Here are eight ways to practice resiliency while our kids are watching:

  1. Have a proper perspective. This isn’t the first time you’ve faced adversity and it probably won’t be the last. See the current challenge as a temporary set-back rather than a permanent derailment. Look for the lesson.
  2. Keep a positive outlook. Be thankful for the good in your life and maintain a hopeful attitude. Envision better days to come. Embrace the challenges and see them as a chance for new opportunities.
  3. Do what you can do. The scariest thing about the unexpected is the lack of control. Identify the things you can do to impact your current situation and do them. Step out of the box. Focus on the possibilities. Make an impact where you can. Taking action is empowering.
  4. Let go of what you cannot control. Accept the fact that there will be things you can’t change about your current situation. Learning to work within the boundaries you are faced with will take the pressure off.
  5. Manage your emotions. During times of stress your emotions will try to jump into the driver’s seat. If you allow them to drive, you will find yourself flying off the handle, crying at the drop of a hat, or retreating in defeat. Try to be intentional about your responses. Anger and sadness may be an appropriate response but when you get to choose them, you feel better about it.
  6. Don’t go it alone. Stay connected with people who can offer fresh perspectives and solid advice. You can lean on them and they can lean on you. You were created to be in relationships. Sometimes just knowing you’re not on your own can make a big difference.
  7. Be prepared. Brace yourself. During times of uncertainty, being prepared for different outcomes can give you sure footing to stand on, and the courage to face whatever comes your way.
  8. Stay committed and don’t let the unexpected throw you off. Stay on track. Even if you have to divert around an obstacle, don’t derail. Keep moving forward and enjoy the scenery.

As we move through the rest of 2020, things will likely look quite different for our kids. What will school be like? Will they be able to trick-or-treat? What about the holidays? During these times, we will be faced with many teachable moments that will allow us opportunities to teach our kids how to be able to pivot. Hopefully watching us demonstrate resiliency in challenging times will give them invaluable tools for being resilient in their own lives.

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