All Stars Montessori would like to introduce … Ms. Jenn!

Written by All Stars Montessori

On February 7, 2019

Ms. Jenn has been at All Stars Montessori since 2017, but since she’s related to Ms. Tracy (one of the owners), she has always been a familiar face at All Stars! (Her mom, Ms. Deb, used to work at All Stars Montessori when it opened, and her son has attended since preschool.)

You will find Ms. Jenn teaching in both the Nature preschool classroom and the school agers classroom. And as the owner of the Hastings Carbone’s, she is also the “pizza lady” on Fridays!

Ms. Jenn lives with her husband, two sons and three goldfish. When the weekends come around, she is busy working at the restaurant or following her son’s hockey team around. She is also a die-hard Minnesota Wild fan and has had season tickets since their inception. If the Wild are playing, she is watching!

Ms. Jenn’s favorite vacation spot is Los Angeles. Most of her family lives in Southern California and the best of everything is there! Her family, the palm trees, the beach and of course, Disneyland!

The person that Ms. Jenn most admires is her “giggi” (her grandma). At 92 years old, she is one of Ms. Jenn’s best friends. She has a zest for life and always sees the best in everything. She has taught Ms. Jenn about love, parenting, life and how to laugh every day!

When Ms. Jenn was in middle school and high school, she took every kind of dance offered. She took tap, ballet, line, high-kick, jazz, hip-hop and her favorite of them all, baton. But Ms. Jenn wasn’t just your average baton twirler. She actually twirled fire baton! Being able to twirl fire baton at a high school football game was priceless!

Ms. Jenn is thoughtful, considerate and passionate. She is also a huge fan of the Reggio Emilio method and loves helping to create the Reggio displays you see around the school.  She was fortunate enough to be able to attend a Reggio Emilio training in San Francisco and is looking forward to the annual staff training on Reggio this spring.

Ms. Jenn’s favorite day of the week is Monday because she looks forward to coming to school and seeing all the kids. 

“Monday morning hugs are the best!”

-Ms. Jenn, All Stars Montessori

If your child attends All Stars Montessori and you have not yet met Ms. Jenn, be sure to catch her next time you’re there and introduce yourself.

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