All Stars Montessori would like to introduce … Ms. Tamie

Written by All Stars Montessori

On January 28, 2019

Ms. Tamie has been one of the assistants in All Star Montessori’s Toddler program since 2017. She has loved working with children ever since she was in high school, and her goal is to go back to school for education.

Ms. Tamie currently lives with her husband, her daughter and their dog, Riley, but pretty soon there will be a new addition to their household when they become a family of four. As busy mom, she enjoys spending time with her family on the weekends when she’s not busy keeping her house clean.

Ms. Tamie’s dream vacation would be a trip to Ireland. It seems like such a clean and beautiful place!

The person that Ms. Tamie admires the most is her mom. She is a beautiful person inside and out and although she was sick for a long time, she remained positive and strong throughout. She never stopped wanting to help other people, and that is something that Ms. Tamie really admires!

Ms. Tamie loves all kinds of music and if you picked a song from any genre, she would probably know the lyrics. From country to soft rock and from rap to Disney. Whether it’s a children’s songs or an oldie, Ms. Tamie could sing it for you!

Ms. Tamie is caring and compassionate and she is always tuned in to each individual child’s needs. Understanding that every child is different is just one of the reasons Ms. Tamie is so great at what she does. Her caring heart and her happy demeanor make it easy for the toddlers to love her!

Ms. Tamie loves seeing the children learn and she is always amazed at how they pick up new skills every single day. And nothing beats the hugs and the love that the children freely give. That is the greatest part of the job!

If your child attends All Stars Montessori and you have not yet met Ms. Tamie, be sure to stop by the toddler room to say “hello”.

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