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Our School Ager Program

Our school aged program is available to All Stars Montessori preschool graduates that attend Highland Elementary School or have been accepted into the District 196 magnet program.  District transportation is provided from All Stars Montessori.

The goal of our school age program is to provide a safe and structured environment where children can continue to develop important social skills through peer relationships.  The environment and activities are built around social activities such as games (both indoor and outdoor), arts and crafts, dramatic play, and more.  Our school age teachers encourage positive interaction among the children that builds on their sense of community and belonging. 

School Ager Classroom Stats:



District Elementary




2 school age boys playing on a playground while on a field trip with All Stars Montesori

Fun All Summer 

During the summer, and on days when elementary schools are closed, your school ager will be kept actively engaged in special projects, field trips and more!

During the summer – we kick it into high gear, and are busy exploring many fun places throughout the area. 

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What is Montessori?

The Montessori philosophy is built upon the idea that children develop and think differently than adults, that they are not merely "adults in small bodies." Dr. Montessori advocated for children's rights and believed that children need guidance to develop themselves into successful adults.

Distance Learning Teachers

While our school agers are participating in distance learning we will have dedicated staff to help them.

Mr. Kelly

Joined us in 2018

Ms. Alicia P.

Joined us in 2012

Creating Fun
& Friends

Our School Agers program is set up to provide a consistant routine that allows for creative time as well as a safe socializing space to cultivate lasting relationships.  

Care When You Need It.

Our School Ager program is available for students attending Highland Elementary. We offer before and after school care as well as fun filled full day care on district release days. Our offerings expand into summer with field trips and water days, keeping your School Agers busy and having fun.

What You Need to Know

Daily Schedule

School Age care is provided before and after school as well as on during the District 196 release days. We also offer a summer program for our School Agers that is full of field trips and activities that will keep them engaged.

Skills We Develop

Social Skills

the goal of our school age program is to provide a safe and structured  nvironment where children can continue to develop important social skills through peer relationships.

Building Community

Our school age teachers encourage positive interaction among the children that builds on their sense of community and belonging.

Tuition Costs

Are you thinking that a private Montessori school with a good reputation must be expensive? We would love to have the opportunity to discuss with you the variety of tuition options that we have available.

You can figure out exactly what our tuition cost would be for your family using our calculator.

What Our Families are Saying

The teachers and staff at All Stars are truly amazing. They give individualized care to each of our children and meet them where they are at socially and academically. All the teachers know all the kids and it is a truly welcoming & supportive environment where my kids have been able to grow and thrive. 

I have been very happy and impressed with the services and flexibility at All Stars. The teachers create an in-home atmosphere to help kids adjust and feel comfortable in their environment. The staff also have many fun activities for kids and families.

We can’t count how many times we’ve said how thankful we are for the wonderful teachers at All Stars.  We see our daughter learning and growing while being nurtured.  She can sense (and so can we) how you all really care.  

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