Covid-19 Update – July 23, 2020

Written by bigoceancreative

On July 23, 2020

I am sure most of you heard that Governor Walz issued a state-wide mask mandate, which begins this weekend. 
What this means for All Stars is that all parents will need to wear a mask when entering the building (right now, this is only our infant parents and staff, the rest of the school does back door drop-offs and pickups).  

Due to our back door, outside drop-offs, and no face to face contact, we are able to maintain proper social distancing, especially in our older age groups as the kids can walk from their car to the door on their own with a quick goodbye from mom or dad.  However, sometimes in the younger age groups, drop-offs are a little tougher and it can be harder to social distance as we spend more face time with those parents.  Our staff will wear masks based on their own comfort level or if social distancing is possible.

Children will not need to wear masks at All Stars.  The mandate says that children over the age of 5 need to be masked up, but due to the fact that we care for children under 5, none of the children will need to wear them.
As we all know, the rules change constantly (more so with child care centers) and we will continue to communicate any changes as they arise.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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